So you’ve already got your website… your message may also appear in print as a brochure, flyer or in business cards. So how can video improve the effectiveness of your marketing?

Understanding the medium of the video is key to unlocking its potential. Here are our four quick top tips…

Keep it simple – unlike text in a brochure or on your website, where readers can pause, re-read and digest at their leisure, information in your promo video is delivered at a pre-determined rate. A small number of simple messages are more likely to stick with the viewer as opposed to risking information overload by detailing your history and every one of your products and services.

Keep it short – people have short attention spans, especially online where we all want information fast. More than any other communication medium video can achieve a quick, deep and lasting impact. That is not to say the impact won’t diminish over time; a 6 minute video isn’t necessarily twice as effective as a 3 minute video. If you do have a lot to shout about think about dividing your content into shorter self-contained chapters.

Maximise AV – video is an audio-visual medium. We never recommend re-hasing the text of your brochure or website as video is an entirely different medium and creates an impact in other ways.

Harness emotion – more than other mediums video is capable of provoking an emotional response. It can convey how  people think and feel, and what a company, product or service is really about. It can capture the culture, atmosphere and ethos of a business.


Author Stacey

Stacey is a media production degree graduate. She uses her talents in videography, photography and post-production to delight our clients. Her natural flare and creativity helps ensure our company consistently delivers unique and stylish products to all our clients regardless of size or budget.

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