Social videos are video experiences designed to fit social media environments i.e. to be interactive and to satisfy a need to be entertained in a quick, timely and intimate way.

Key features of social video…

  • They are short – typically just 10-30 seconds
  • They tell stories
  • They’re often funny, inspiring or unique
  • They’re often animated with a lighter tone
  • They’re frequently designed for auto and infinity play i.e. they’ll play in a continuous loop
  • They break with traditional video standards and are hard to conceptualise (to tell a story in 10-30 seconds is a significant challenge!)
  • It’s common for social videos to be part of a series and to vary across social networks depending on differences in how people consume media in different channels

Why should your business use social video?

According to eMarketer over 70% of marketers plan on spending money to create and/or boost the visibility of social video ads in the next 12 months. Here are the key reasons why…

  • Social video gives a huge boost to your business’ online credibility
  • Video improves engagement, conversion rates and sales
  • Video improves your website’s rank with search engines like Google
  • Video adverts get more clicks
  • Video can explain concepts more efficiently than other formats
  • Video makes people feel close to you
  • Video research is replacing text purchasing research

Author Stacey

Stacey is a media production degree graduate. She uses her talents in videography, photography and post-production to delight our clients. Her natural flare and creativity helps ensure our company consistently delivers unique and stylish products to all our clients regardless of size or budget.

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