Technology can make it easy to promote your company, product, service or event but it can be a fight to get noticed in the competitive world of marketing. We find that a well-made and well thought-through video engages a viewer more as part of a marketing campaign than a webpage with just print.We offer a comprehensive videography service from initial concept, planning, script writing and storyboarding, to shooting and the full range of post production work. All we need from you is an idea of what you want to promote and some basic information about your company, product and target audience.

We shoot with the latest cameras and equipment including a variety of lenses to produce those smooth limited depth of field results you need, as well as a larger broadcast style cameras when appropriate. We have lights, sliders and all the kit needed to get any job done, on time and on budget.

We also have in-house animators and audio technicians on our team to help ensure your promotional videos have that dynamic cutting-edge look that makes them watchable to the last frame. We use WeTransfer and Dropbox to regularly share information and preview videos with you as they are safe, secure and seriously easy to use, allowing you have input throughout the post production process.


Author Stacey

Stacey is a media production degree graduate. She uses her talents in videography, photography and post-production to delight our clients. Her natural flare and creativity helps ensure our company consistently delivers unique and stylish products to all our clients regardless of size or budget.

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